Tournament Rules

Washington State High School Federation rules with the following exceptions

  1. Teams are allotted 2 time-outs per half, no carry-over
  2. Players can only play on 1 team in a division
  3. 5 minute grace period will be given before a game is forfeited. The forfeit goes as a 15-0 win for tiebreakers
  4. If 2 or more teams are tied in a pool the Tie Breakers are:
    1. 1st head to head
    2. 2nd Point Differential between the 3 or more teams tied, up to a +15 (no need to beat an opponent by more, the points don’t count)
  5. Warm Up Time between games will be a minimum of 5 minutes
  6. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Grades will play 7-minute stop clock quarters and use the 28.5 (Women’s) ball. All other divisions will play 8-minute stop clock quarters (except Shootouts – 20 min running clock halves for all divisions)
  7. All Technical & Intentional fouls are automatic 2 points and the ball
  8. 2 technical fouls and you are disqualified for the your teams next game
  9. Overtime- 1st Overtime 2 minutes stop clock (Timeouts carry over) 2nd Overtime 1 minute NO Time Outs 3rd Overtime sudden death NO Time Outs
  10. 20 Point Rule, If one team leads another by 20 points or more the clock will run in the 4th quarter
  11. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their fans